Textile Products

Spin Finish Oil


Viscosity @ 21°C approx. 112 cSts

Viscosity of 10% solution @ 21°C approx. 1.62 cSts

Density @ 15°C approx. 1.08 kg / ltr

Cloud Point approx. 0°C

Setting Point Below 0 .C

Ionic character Non-ionic / Anionic

Active content 82.5 %

Solubility Forms clear,

stable solutions with water.


Performance Data:

1. Provides a high standard of lubrication to All fibre reducing

fibre to fibre and fibre to metal frictional properties and minimising fibre  damage.

2.excellent anti-static properties giving control of  the fibre through processing.

3. Provides good inter-fibre cohesion.

4.entirely free from any mineral oil and is readily soluble in water.