About us

Pishgam Resin Petro Pad .CO

Pishgam Resin Petro Pad company has started its official work from 2002 and has varieties of products in the field of water based resins such as homopolymer and vinyl acetate , copolymer, acrylic and styrene acrylic. And now after a decade of work is considered as one of the leading company in water based resins production.

The production of Pishgam Resin Petro Pad company are mainly in color industry, building chemical, roof insulation, moquette, non woven texttile, carpet, glue and packing industry. The extent of the production of this company is developing based on the needs of the customer by continual work of research and development section.

Currently, most of the endeavours of Pishgam Resins Petro Pad company is to use the latest technology in making the new products by using the scentific database and continual contact with domestic and foreign customers. And strongly believe that cooperating side by side the customer and trying to satisft their needs is the cause of competitiveness power for both sides